Get your Bad-Adz on!

• Trustworthy and reliable resource for customers to
learn about their business, sales, promotions, etc.

• Teaser and tool to drive customers to their website
to sign up for weekly Bad-Adz and to view weekly sale

• Unique animated email communication including weekly
sales, links to recipes, social media and relevant

• Along with teaser for weekly sales, include recipes and
recipe items to build basket size and store traffic
Goal: Transition current and new customers
over to Bad-Adz


How does it work?
1. Adlife works with customer to distinguish target
2. Adlife acquires a list of those specific people as recipients
of the Bad-Adz
3. We collaborate with customer on themes, featured items
and overall messaging of the Bad-Adz
4. Client gives final approval on Bad-Adz and we take care
of the rest!
5. We set up and deploy Bad-Adz using MailChimp.
a. Per usual, deployment depends on when
customer ad breaks.
b. Deployment can be weekly or as the customer
sees fit.

Adlife provides analytics of Bad-Adz performance
a. Recipients
b. Open Rate
c. Click Rate

Why choose Bad-Adz?  It’s simple!
All you have to do is provide your item
and approve final draft - we handle the rest.