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By Joel M. Albrizio, President

"Is Christmas A Holiday Or A Way To Treat People Everyday"

Welcome to retail, especially retail food or supermarkets.

We work to tell the best story about what the supermarket retailer is all about. We calculate the costs of mark downs and try to be certain to have the right items, distinctive retail locations and service the customer will be sure to remember.

Then comes Christmas.....we all discuss how every holiday the customer is most likely to shop the supermarket he or she trusts most, but especially on Christmas.

"So we prepare and calculate until the supermarket retailer is ready" 

All of the right products have been secured at the right price. Every possible service available has been branded and advertised as part of the marketing plan.

As individuals and companies alike we look for how best to treat our customers, employees, even our competition and certainly the less fortunate.

So the holidays pass and January 1st will be behind us and the retail world will return to the norm of markdowns and the best products available advertised with the services we all need.

While we know the life most will lead and that is what businesses are all about....Imagine this, Imagine Christmas and what Christmas is!

If we truly want find the best retail story to tell let it be Christmas year round.

What? Yes, thats what my thought was.

As retailers why can't we live the story of Christmas year round?  Why just on Christmas?

Help people who need the support. Say hello and treat the competition cordially, give back to the less fortunate each and every week.

What a great story to tell? Why don't we all try to go out of our way to find and help those less fortunate whenever possible?

Publix, as a retailer is employee owned. For most Publix employees Christmas comes every week with a company stock ownership opportunity in every paycheck.....

Let's become more like Publix and more like Christmas every week.

Adlife has been in business for almost "40" years. For my part I have been there the entire time. As  businessmen we come to learn more and more every year the "Things" we all work so hard for are not ours. We are merely caretakers for "things" for a short time.

Lets move forward and all try to become a better story to tell by allowing Christmas to creep into our lives every day of the year.

There are so many less fortunate and it is only ourselves and our busy day that stands in the way of real change and more humanity. More Christmas!

So for our part we believe the best story to tell is how Christmas worked its way into our lives every week and became who we are as individuals and companies alike. Not a well oiled holiday securing retail success for the fourth quarter.

Thank-you for all of your ideas and support, Merry Christmas!