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By Joel M. Albrizio, President

"Albertsons Keeps It Simple, So Simple It Just Works"

So what is it Albertsons does with their advertising? Albertsons has so little sizzle in its advertising program we must refer to its lack of sizzle as the sizzle? How Albertsons advertises is interesting, nothing amazing in fact at times almost boring yet just real steady and effective.

The perishable departments and in fact each departments advertised abilities are much the same. Simple yet effective. This could easily be Albertsons theme, especially with its perishables. "Simple Yet Effective"

Lets take a look at the Albertsons circular advertising program.

While we would like to begin with Albertsons marketing plan and how it evolves into the advertising plan we would have to make assumptions as to what the actual marketing plan is. So with our lack of marketing information we will look at what we can all see, the circular.

Albertsons like most retail food companies faces competition headwinds from almost every entry in the retail food sales fight.

"Today Everyone Sells Food"

That said Albertsons has chosen to drive retail sales with its many perishable programs strength. Albertsons has all of the right perishable departments yet never shouts it out.

With each Albertsons circular page design and item chosen by the merchandisers it seems the goal is to be......painfully simple yet effective.

Could Albertsons use more delicious or dramatic perishable images? Yes.

Are there less expensive supermarket options? Of Course.

Should Albertsons openly advertise and employ more services? Perhaps.

So why is it Albertsons finds its way to retail survival? Albertsons must believe as we have found that the customer will only absorb so many items with their accompanying prices per page.

Customers need to be assured there will be an acceptable level of quality, price and service allowing for the retailer to be seen as a value proposition. This value proposition enables confidence and it's resulting "Brand"

What some might call,

"The Unattainable Triad" Price, Quality & Service.

With the Albertsons ad below you will find 21 retail features. At a quick glance one immediately realizes a simplistic balance, both in size of items and the departments advertised. Its so consistent one might ask why would we even look at an Albertsons page?  The answer is simple.....it works.

Experience has shown us front page success occurs when the supermarket has a strong center of the plate protein, produce items and at least one paper product. From that point forward any additional department strength whether it be perishable or center store just makes the ad stronger and stronger.

Albertsons goes a few steps further with its higher average basket size goals with continued concentration on the center store sales. In every Albertsons circular we find well merchandized center store price points that are solid and continue the value proposition principle.

Albertsons is not just another supermarket.

Albertsons is a well rounded retailer based on simplicity. Nothing hits the proverbial above and beyond low water mark. No incredible levels of photography, slogans, unique services or price points.

Just a simple list of decent prices merchandized around a well rounded, full service retail supermarket organization. That is the path Albertsons chooses to follow.

So how is Albertsons successful? Again, simplicity coupled with consistency so predictable from every price point or merchandizing category the Albertsons brand has evolved into a trusted brand.

So while keeping it simple the Albertsons brand keeps it successful.

"Albertsons Both Understands & Exploits The Value Proposition"

Thank-you for your ideas & support!