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By Joel M. Albrizio, President

While Not On The Same Team These Retailers Make Each Other Better At Everything They Accomplish!

"Sometimes The Next Big Thing Is A Bunch Of Little Things......Ideas"

Today we live and work in a food retail world where we all search for the next big thing. What is that next big idea or material change to the retail food marketing approach is that will take your company to the next level.

Soon, after looking at so many ideas and approaches there is likely.....

No single huge idea that will transform your retail food company.

"What we all look to accomplish is a sustainable retail food enterprise which dominates the space you occupy."

It is the realistic retail entrepreneur who understands it is ideas and lots of them, some small and some large, freshly introduced on a regular basis in small doses that morphes a company over time in a positive profitable direction.

Looking for the "Hail Mary Pass" in retail is likely to discourage the customer who does not understand where and why you would make such drastic changes.

"Today there are retail face off's like Target VS. Kroger"

These companies not only survive but grow because they are committed to follow a marketing strategy confidently.

This is the proverbial "North Star" for each of their companies.

As marketing professionals it is our responsibility to advise and build out retail programs that serve the consumer with small regular positive influences to subtly prompt the customer to better understand our quiet call to action.

"Retail Success Is The Completed Marketing Call To Action"

When marketing and its subsequent advertising successfully, we have introduced new and existing customers to the supermarket. When marketing is executed correctly in enough different and positive ways we will have derived an emotion bonding the consumer to your retail environment.

This bond gives the retailer a reasonable look from his or her customer on a weekly basis which allows us to tell your story with enough detail to win the retail sale.

A company correctly marketed has taken the time to understand their retail environment and told the story of why this company and its locations are so special in comparison to any other shopping options.

Ideas, keep the food retailers approach to the marketplace fresh and exciting.

Retail in its simplest form must remain exciting and therefor demand the likely customers attention regularly.

"I love to write about ideas"

Ideas are the catalyst for a retailers path to success. Don't ever be in such a rush that you avoid contemplating new ideas.

Don't be the retailer who rushes every week for a few front page specials and forgets with a marketing plan success if far more likely to follow.

Remember, without change, nothing will ever change. With out any retail food business evolving the retailer ultimately fails. While its easy to fail we advise ideas, ideas, ideas.

Lets keep it fresh and interesting and therefore exciting to check out whats new at your store.

I want to thank the many retail professionals following my articles. This week the followers exceeded 7,350. This is a number I certainly never expected.


I have come to both appreciate and enjoy all of your input.

Your ideas and headwinds push me to think deeper and to understand each of your obstacles.

We have learned much together and will continue to.