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By Joel M. Albrizio, President

"Meijer, Branding With Great Images Builds Retail Sales"

In Supermarket retail there are so many lessons to be learned and Meijer  having tried it all can teach us all a lot. The question is are we willing to take the time to learn from this retailer which is over 80 years old.

When we take a casual glance across the retail food landscape there are offerings for products considered retail food from most every retail space.

"So Here Comes Meijer And They Sell Everything"

Founded in 1934, Meijer understands risk and has managed success with new ideas. Meijer was the first retailer to consider the supercenter concept in 1962. With over 200 retail locations Meijer grows, sells and achieves bottom line with a great presentation of the facts.

How Does Meijer Best Present The Facts, The Meijer Retail Story?

Meijer has found success with a broader base of item categories and brands. With a strong presence in general merchandise to enhance its already successful retail food base Meijer builds basket size and achieves the retail mix.

While in competition with retail like never before Meijer digs deeper with its mix and works harder than ever on its presentation.

"Take A Look At This Meijer Ad"


These aren't just photographs attached to a great price.

These images tell the story of  Meijer, a quality retailer displaying just a few of the finest quality brands it offers.

Images, photographs, slicks, however you refer to them identify the retailers position in the marketplace. The brands it partners with and the overall commitment to quality.

Meijer recognized early on that price alone without the customer realizing just how good the product was only served to give the gross away to the loyal customer who would have shopped Meijer anyway.

With food and general merchandise images displaying just how good the products Meijer sells are the price points now demand an immediate call to action to all potential customers not the the loyal Meijer base.

Whenever as retailers or wholesalers we advertise an item it is important to post the best image available which is the final step in the value proposition.

An Adlife Marketing Shrimp Image.....

An Adlife Marketing Chicken Breast Image.....

Meijer has taught us as retailers and companies helping retailers to succeed that any sustainable retail food enterprise must appeal positively to a broad base. Meijer has branded themselves with a definable emotion when we think of them.

The definable emotion felt when thinking of Meijer is it's brand.....which brings relevance to the then presented hot price points.

Meijer with it's brand, great pricing and the display of excellence offered defines the value proposition in retail. Then add to this offering a wider general merchandise program than almost any other retailer and you have one great company.

One important takeaway is that the number of retail locations a retailer operates is less important than the number of profitable stores!

Kudos to Meijer and its Branding & Advertising team.

So today, we too will ask for the sale. Great food photography is the Adlife brand. This is an area almost every retailer overlooks in the goal to item & price credibility. Don't forget an items price point means nothing if the products legitimacy is compromised by a poor image.  Include Adlife Marketing & Communications in your branding mission.

In closing, many have asked why I choose to write about what we see in the supermarket industry today and my ideas. It is our belief at Adlife that to sell through cold calling only as a company is disingenuous. Just lowering your advertising costs will never resolve any supermarket retailers larger issues long term. At Adlife we believe our ideas and its resulting branding will give new life and direction to your company. So for that reason we chose to open the discussion.