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By Joel M. Albrizio, President

That Phone Is Digital...Talk To Your Customers Digitally!

Deciding who your customer is and how best to reach them animates most retailers marketing conversations. There are so many meetings we all attend where we hear "our customer is not a digital customer".

It seems today, if as a retailer we believe our customer is not a digital customer we avoid advertising to and attracting that all important, younger shopper and an entire demographic ready and willing to spend.

"How Many Customers Send You A Hand Written Note"

As a retailer one of most important spends is that of the customer acquisition. The customer acquisition cost per person is exactly the same regardless of age, sex or income levels. Why? Because we can not discriminate or easily direct who is the latest shopper and why.

The customer acquisition cost is spread over all new customers attracted to your retail organization. That said, if as retailers we need to attract new customers why not look to attract the customer most likely to need more provisions because of the makeup of the family.

Most every retailer today has rules about cell phone use while working. there will be no personal phone calls or texting while at work for our company. So why not accept digital as the most logical and progressive means to reach and build core customers.

I Love This Post, I Recently Read On Facebook!

That Says It All!

When was the last time we passed a time clock in a retail store where there was a sign "No reading the circular while at work"? While this may seem comical no larger mistake takes place in supermarket retail every day.

In 2016, we live in a world where we pass laws making it illegal to walk and text yet avoid digital advertising as a legitimate means of customer communication.

We have all met retailers who spend a million dollars or more every year on circular advertising while having a part time cashier or 16 year old nephew handle their Facebook page or website.

Retailers Believe The Customer Only Acquires Information However They Themselves Do!

Every position within most retail organizations requires a strict job description. Any employee with any position of relevance requires minimum levels of education and experience.

Now the retail food organization has this well oiled machine with the best of the best in staffing,  has selected all of the right items and price points having worked tirelessly to understand the customer. We know what must be offered and explained to acquire this all important new customer.

"This New Customer Will Make All The Difference"

Now, all that remains necessary to fail.....WHAT FAIL?  Yes, fail....is to leave this responsibility of digital advertising to the employee with the least amount of qualifications available. Many retailers pick an employee who is not busy.... so to this inexperienced associate who has extra time on his her hands we now hand our digital future.

So when as a retailer you say "our customer is not a digital customer" please remember you may not have invited the digital customer.

Its important to understand in a world with everyone looking at their cell phones this is an opportunity to enter a private conversation with a customer. This intimate conversation could be more effective if it were more a part of the mainstream thinking of the retailer.

In the industry we call this the nephew principle....The retailer handed this function off to his or her nephew.

At a time when many retailers are looking for new formats to be most effective lets not forget it may be the message and or how it is delivered.

Retailers need to better understand communication and how to lower the barriers of entry rather than build retail units in different shapes and sizes.

"It's All About The Message Not The Shape Or Size"..........Don't Avoid Delivering The Message!

In closing, many have asked why I choose to write about what I see in the supermarket industry today and my ideas. At Adlife we believe great ideas and its resulting branding will give new life and direction to any company. So for that reason we chose to open the discussion.