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By Joel M. Albrizio, President

I want to take just a minute to thank all of you for following and for your continued support. Every week I write an article as a piece of a book I have been working on and intend to publish. Focussing on supermarket retail, this project has been a lot of fun and with your help allows me to continue to learn.

"Peyton Manning The Brand"...Do You Like Him Or The Brand? Will You Trust Peyton The Brand?

The coming weeks writing will take a look at Peyton Manning, the man who became a brand. We will look at an athlete who has transformed his image into retail sales. We will look at what we think Peyton must do to both maintain and continue to build Peyton the brand.

Some might ask why write about Peyton Manning....Guess What, This Guy can Sell! "It's All About Retail Sales"

Week in and week out I receive your support and ideas. Professionals from every corner of the supermarket industry write, text or call me with questions and or ideas. Some love what I write and for those I thank them. Others object and we discuss what I had seen and typically we both come away with and learn something.

I am not always right and I am not always wrong. My intention is to play an active role to open the discussion so we all continue to think. It is our ideas that allow us to succeed and grow, both in our business and our careers.

Even my competitors and their customers enjoy the conversation and together we learn. Ideas and learning are not something we graduate from. In supermarket retail as in any other industry we find ourselves vested if we are to succeed. We are continually students of industries changing at warp speed and must continually recognize this.

"Ideas & The Resulting Changes Make Retail Food Exciting"