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By Joel M. Albrizio, President


"Supermarkets Can Learn From Peyton Manning & Increase Sales"

So what does Peyton Manning have to do with retail sales? Peyton Manning is a retail sales machine. Customers love Peyton Manning's down to earth nature, and we all chuckle through his every commercial. While not even realizing it, we as customers feel drawn to a company that we would otherwise have no connection to, because it is through them that we come to better know and like Peyton.

Customers enjoy watching and listening to his sales pitches for many diverse companies. Ironically consumers ultimately purchase the products and services Peyton Manning represents. Why might you ask? Simply put we all purchase more from the companies we like.

 What Can We learn From Peyton Manning About Retail Sales......."A Whole Lot"

Customer loyalty begins when the retailer has defined his or her value proposition to the customer or potential customer. A big part of this definition or understanding this value proposition is getting the consumer to slow down and listen. Yes, slow down and listen long enough to give the retailer enough attention and allow the retailer enough time to tell the all important story of who and what they are.

The value proposition is defined as the combination of types of products or services sold. The reason we might shop this supermarket.  Now, add the catalyst of some enticing price points. All in all that makes your supermarket organization distinctive and a realistic grocery shopping option.

"The Retailer Must Know & Understand The Customer While The Customer Must Know & Understand The Retailer"

The supermarket must get to know the customer that already frequents the store. A major part of this mutual understanding between the supermarket and its expensive customer acquisition trail is storytelling. Storytelling is the marketing verb absent from most retail organizations in 2016.

"Self Deprecating With A Friendly Smile This Superstar Becomes The Guy Next Door Telling A Companies All Important Story"

So what we learn is Peyton Manning takes this "I'll make fun of myself attitude" and parlays it into someone we get to know, come to like and now take seriously.  Peyton Manning is a brand ambassador directing us almost unknowingly to purchase products and services from the companies he seemingly enjoys representing.

"When We Like & Trust We Buy"

With the Peyton Manning of today, it's not about the NFL stats or the wins and losses any longer. It's about taking his personal name recognition and attaching it to national nameless, faceless, plastic companies. He is allowing these otherwise mostly boring companies and accompanying brands to use Peyton Manning's now likability as part and parcel to their individual brand to grow sales through likability & brand expansion.

We all expected Peyton Manning to be this statue type athletic starwe watched for many years. As a player some of us liked Peyton and some of us didn't. Now as a successful brand ambassador who is willing to allow consumers to get to know him, Peyton is allowing the brands he represents the same privilege.

"Who Would Ever Watch A Buick Or Nationwide Commercial & Laugh...Many Of Us Do Now"  

Personally, as a New Englander I was never a Peyton Manning fan when watching football. However when it comes to retail sales I am a Peyton Manning fan and follower. Peyton has earned my respect through what he continues to teach us about retail sales.

Why, because Peyton doesn't need to do Buick or Nationwide commercials but just watching him tells us he likes what he does and in doing so he makes us smile.

"Remember We buy What We Like & From Who We Like"