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By Joel M. Albrizio, President

Kroger's Feeding America Program Helps With Over 200 Million Meals Every Year"

While as Americans we can boast about the many achievements in our lives today, one in seven Americans struggles with hunger.

They're Not Worrying About Buying A New Car, Fun Clothes Or A Weekend Getaway.....No, They Are Fighting Hunger!

"The Simple Function Of Feeding Ourselves Escapes Many"

Kroger puts its collective assets where it counts, while many just talk about what could be done. Kroger , with the assistance of its corporate sponsors, helps over 46 million Americans with over 200 million meals per year through its Feeding America Program!

Just think about these numbers.....Over 200 Million Meals Per Year!

"The Feeding America network of food banks works with agencies to provide food through pantry and meal programs, which help families, students, and seniors facing hunger and poverty make ends meet."

There are multiple programs to serve each age demographic. With programs like the "School Pantry Program," "Senior Grocery Program," and "Snap Outreach," Kroger gets it done in a big way anywhere within reach, and Kroger has a big reach!

"So What Does Kroger Get From Philanthropic Community Endeavors?......Proud Customers, Now Healthy, Willing To Support Kroger"

Everyone gets involved, from the store level all the way to the Kroger Co. Foundation. Just one program, "Our Bringing Hope To The Table," raised 3 million in cash for local food banks last year.

Daily,  store associates rescue safe to eat food from Kroger stores for their  perishable donation program.

"Volunteer Time For Kroger Employees"

Kroger associates provide thousands of hours of volunteer service to end hunger.
Kroger managers serve on the boards of local food banks, providing guidance on food safety, logistics, facility operations, and fundraising.

The School Pantry program serves more than 21 million meals to nearly 110,000 children nationwide. When school is not in session, children still have access to nutritious meals and snacks through the Summer Food Service Program.

"Seniors, Families, Children....Kroger Steps In & Supports Every Demographic"

Regardless of the demographic, or the need that arises, Kroger is there to step in to help starving Americans. While Kroger is not often thought of with respect to disaster relief, oh yes, they participate there as well.

Kroger has an entire disaster relief program ready to go & ready to serve!

So now we ask ourselves, what came first? A great brand willing to help, or a willingness to help others in need solidifying a great brand?

I spoke with a colleague this week. He spoke of corporate greed in America today. This really touched me. We see it so often and experience it so regularly in so many ways we have become desensitized to it. The gap between the rich and the poor is seemingly getting wider and wider.

"Does America Have A Shrinking Middle Class....With More Hunger"

Kroger takes the alternative position to corporate greed. Kroger stands tall for those in need in their surrounding communities and helps. While Kroger does not say it's not about profits, Kroger fills real needs for real people of every age group who are fighting hunger.

Giving back is a necessary component to continued brand expansion. When you help those in need, everyone involved feels better. Then something magical happens....the family now back on their feet supports Kroger's every retail endeavor.

"When You Work For Kroger It Seems You Are A Part Of A Greater Good....Something Larger"

Either individually or corporately, your Kroger teams should be proud of themselves. You are a great example of what we can do for each other as Americans when we care....Thank You Kroger, you are a fine example!

For more about Kroger's efforts to end hunger, visit www.bringinghopetothetable.com