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By Joel M. Albrizio, President

Later This Week We Will Look At Who Will Chop The Chopper...What Is the Relevance Of A Price Chopper Sale Should It Take Place?

We will ask if we have seen, or about to have seen the last of the American Retail Dream. Have we seen the last of that incredible family business story where within a single family a company can be born and grow to a level of national retail grocery respect?

"A Great Read In Just A Couple Of Days...But Until Then, Thank-You"

Until then I would just like to take a minute and thank you for following. Over 22,000 of you follow and for that I am both humbled and frankly, flattered.

I enjoy retail and especially retail food in almost every category. I try every week to bring to you my best ideas from what I see in this changing industry of retail food.

Some articles get readers incurably happy and others mad as anything about what I write and to that I wonder "Did I Go To Far Or Was This Just Thought Provoking"

Some have found what I see and write about entertaining while others seem at times less entertained and are clear how much entertained they are not.  

More often than not while not ever intending to be critical of another's "tale of the tape" in business I attempt to bring the color analysis to what has become a play by play world only.

We live in a world, and certainly a grocery industry, where no one has opinions. Either that or they are so reluctant to share their ideas we seldom get back so much as a pulse. Most companies and the professionals they employ have a somewhat party line few will stray from. 

"And So We Have Grocery Retailers, Many With The Same Obstacles"

That said, I give you my opinion and I always hope you will give you mine. When we debate retail strategy and or execution we open ourselves to the opportunity to new successes.

My Advice Would Always Be....Have An Opinion & Share It..Thank-You!