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By Joel M. Albrizio, President

Why Do We Care If Price Chopper Sells....Is This Really Relevant?

When we look at food retail today, Price Chopper is one of those mid-size chains that comes to mind. Price Chopper's origins date back to a family business that has grown to become a sustainable grocery retailer with national respect from its peers.

From its humble origins in New York in 1932, founded by the Golub family, Price Chopper remains today an example of what can be accomplished over generations by a family in the supermarket industry.

Originally named Central Market and later Price Chopper, this was and remains a progressive family business. In fact Price Chopper was one of the first supermarkets to offer S&H Green Stamps. While many of my readers have no idea what S&H Green Stamps are they were a big deal back in the 1950's.

"Price Chopper Stands For Innovation"

As an innovator Price Chopper was one of the first supermarket companies to build superstores with offerings like pharmacies & in-store banking within the store.

With some units open 24 hours offering almost anything you might require you can imagine Price Chopper grew its foot print over the many years with confidence.

"So Whats The Point....We get It, Great Retailer....And So"

Today as I write this article it is rumored Price Chopper will soon become one of those banners that is just that....Just another once great banner owned by whoever. Whoever becoming the larger point.

What does it really matter who might buy Price Chopper? When we all agree be it the election or just times in general, retail food mentality is changing. Retailers everywhere just seem to feel, what the heck....its a good time to get out.

So the big deal becomes apathy among ownership in retail food. This is not where we want or need to be for a great outcome in the retail food industry. When retailers and wholesalers believe the best sale approach is to sell the core company not center store or any other department to grow we have touched an inflection point where real profits can be realized.

"So Stay In & Make The Money...Be That Company That Wants Growth"

I get positive about a grocery industry on its way up. Big Boxes publicly owned with stockholders demanding profits....profits equal realistic center and perimeter store pricing...good news.

It seems if we are to look at the best possible future it is not a condo in Phoenix or a ski cabin in Colorado but a legacy in an industry where the sustainable food enterprise delivers us all of that and more.

My thoughts are simple, legacies should never be for sale. Does anyone think about the possibility of a 100 year business any longer?

So while some might end up discussing what the Golub's walked away with monetarily at some food event during the boring speeches its a shame when we loose a family like the Golubs.

"We Need Entrepreneurs & The New Ideas That Breathe Life Into Retail"