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Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

By Joel Albrizio, President, Adlife Marketing & Communications

"Spartan Nash Finds Patriotism A Core Value Today More Than Ever"

We must all understand and keep ever present freedom is a privilege much of the world has never enjoyed. So many of us take for granted on most days that we are free and could never imagine things differently.

Well to the service man or woman on the front lines in some place we have little idea even exists, this fight for freedom takes place every day. In the caption below you will find the quote from Spartan Nash on their view of Patriotism and its place in retail America.


One of our company’s eight core values is patriotism, and we are deeply committed to serving our military heroes and their families both at home and abroad. More than one-third of our business is the distribution of grocery products to U.S. military commissaries and exchanges around the world. In fact, our MDV military operations exist to serve the businesses that keep America — and the military members who defend us — strong.

SpartanNash proudly employs more than 700 military veterans and family members. As a company, we are committed to hiring, training and retaining veterans, Reservists, Guardsmen and their families in partnership with national and government organizations and initiatives. In 2016, we were named a bronze-level Veteran Friendly Employer by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, and in 2014, SpartanNash was honored with the Patriot Award from ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) for its continued support of its associates who are deployed while working for the company.

"So What Is It We Can Do In Support Of Our Military Service Men & Woman"

Joel Albrizio Patriotism

"One Simple Gesture Might Be To Wear This American Flag Pin"

On most days I wear a suit or suit jacket and try to be certain I wear the American Flag pin. Why, because every member of the armed service that has either served or passed during his or her service should be recognized. In wearing this pin we tell any stranger who served we are in full support of them.

"We Must Not Forget 9/11 & It's Affect On New York City"

Often times every month I am in and out of New York City on business. While I wear the pin always I sometimes forget the direct impact New York City has felt with terrorism. I am always reminded when someone I know or perhaps even a stranger thanks me for wearing the pin. It can think back but I have never been to NYC where it was not mentioned by someone either in a direct conversation or just someone passing on the sidewalk or hallway, thank you for wearing that pin.

"So Lets Begin 2017 With An Eye On Patriotism"

We have a lot to be grateful for.

In closing, many have asked why I choose to write about what I see in the supermarket industry today and my ideas. At Adlife we believe great ideas and its resulting branding will give new life and direction to any company. So for that reason we chose to open the discussion.

Joel M. Albrizio, President PreparedFoodPhotos.com & Adlife Marketing & Communications#

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