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By Joel Albrizio, President, Adlife Marketing & Communications

"Giant Eagle Is A Great Example Of The Desire To Grow & Sell"

Giant Eagle has a somewhat storied past. This chain has tried everything to grow and enjoy success. If we were to really analyze Giant Eagle, simply put...Giant Eagle has done the most with the least. To be clear, that statement is not intended to be negative but to describe a retail supermarket chain and how it has morphed itself to both survive and grow.

Giant Eagle opened its first retail food locations in the 1930's in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In almost a hundred years Giant Eagle has opened hundreds of retail locations designed to sell food and over a one hundred fifty GetGo convenience grocery & gas locations.

Headquartered today in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Giant Eagle is often times not the first to brand a new service or product but does bring to market those products and services with efficiency and in the process has developed a loyal customer following.

"Giant Eagle Grew Through Acquisition & Determination"

Just to name a few, Giant Eagle acquired Valu-King, Seaway Foods, Apples Supermarkets, Big Bear etc to spur continued wholesale and retail food growth while expanding its footprint.

Today with Market District, Giant Eagle has rebranded a number of retail locations in its continued desire to grow with the upscale shopper.

In Comes "Giant Eagle Express" Testing Yet Another Brand!

In a never ending effort to find and corral that secret formula for success Giant Eagle has tested the Giant Eagle Express and the Market District Express. Again and again Giant Eagle has survived through grit and determination. Only a half step behind retail superstars like Walmart and Kroger, Giant Eagle remains a force in areas like Pittsburgh.

Giant Eagle with over 30,000 employees remains one of the best examples of a retail food organization and its desire to survive. One can't help but think Giant Eagle has that one great idea about to blossom this company to the next level.

"What Might These New Ideas Be...Customer Service Via Digital"

Giant Eagle operates within the perfect environment to employ a quicker, more nimble digital merchandising & advertising environment. With a blanket e-mail circular distribution, Giant Eagle could not only employ but exploit customer service & find success against retail kings like Walmart.

Customer oriented service programs with a merchandising ideology could be unbeatable. These service driven, customer attractive selling points could be designed to react to downward price pressure immediately. Understanding the competitions concerning price points is now more easily overcome. Now with digital before merchandising selected that final must have retail, Giant Eagle would better understand the coming weeks competition.

Giant Eagle...Think Service...Think Digital & Drive Retail Sales!

Giant Eagle has rarely been the first in retail concepts yet extremely efficient once engaged in any area. Our encouragement would be for Giant Eagle to enter this space and dominate this price driven environment with digital. So perhaps the next brand to try is Giant Eagle digitally?