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By Joel Albrizio, President, Adlife Marketing & Communications

Publix Supermarkets Understands How To Grow Retail Sales...Get Selling!

While it seems simple most supermarket retailers don't spend enough time selling. There are supermarkets that feel they are better at buying and some supermarkets that feel they are better at selling. Publix understands selling, they really get it.

The "5" Most Important Secrets To Selling... Publix Employs Everyday

"First & Foremost The Customer Must Like Your Store"

The retail customer must like you as a retail food option. If the consumer doesn't like the "Brand" you represent as a retailer you stand no chance of success. In addition to the widest array of items with selection of quality brands Publix is emplyee owned and proud of who Public is and what Publix is all about.

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When you shop at any Public location you as the customer encounter a minority shareholder with every employee/customer contact. Every employee has a vested interest in your pleasurable shopping experience.

"Listen To Your Customer & Deliver What They Ask For"

Public takes the time to listen to the retail supermarket customer and deliver what the customer is looking for. So many retailers today "pile it high and sell it cheap" seek to give the customer the "Almost the product they want at a great price" So is there a difference? Yes, Publix delivers the products and services to the customer at a fair price.

A fair price is not always the cheapest price. If you as Publix delivers to the customer a reasonable price on the exact products and services they are looking for you have now employed the "Value Proposition". Most customers want what they asked for so always remember to listen to what that want might be.

"Understand The Demographic...Price Range & Product Mix"

So now you have listed to your customer and they love organics. They both want and need quality seafood and meats. Now, our job as the retailer is to deliver what the customer can afford and fits this retailers demographic or budget. Yes, we can go for the bigger ring with more expensive items but we both want and need the retail mix.

If we expect to gain the larger basket size we must deliver the right products and services the customer asked for and can afford.

Publix Keeps The "Value Proposition" Simple....Simple Sells!

Publix understand and drives home "simple" into its sales plan. Supermarkets don't need bonus buys, coupons, Wednesday only specials, 3 day dales, 10 for 10 sales etc. Keep it simple and offer the customer exactly what they want and need at a reasonable price point. Again, "The Value Proposition"

Now The Call To Action...Why Shop Publix Today?

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Publix has now listened to a customer that likes Publix, delivered on its item and service requests and has kept the message simple. Now it is time to tell the customer its time to shop Publix. With either a digital or print message Public reminds the customer almost silently to remain "Top Of Mind" and so all Publix needs is for you to get hungry.

With all of the important steps met when we are hungry we think Publix. There is no competition for the retailer we first think of when we get hungry. "Every retailer who only needs hungry customers to prosper will become quite successful going forward"

In closing, many have asked why I choose to write about what I see in the supermarket industry today and my ideas. At Adlife we believe great ideas and its resulting branding will give new life and direction to any company. So for that reason we chose to open the discussion.

Joel M. Albrizio, President PreparedFoodPhotos.com & Adlife Marketing & Communications

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