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By Joel M. Albrizio, President

"Whats So Interesting About "Branding" Supermarkets?"

On August 20th of this year I began to post a thought or two from the week. My concept was to put to paper what I saw that particular week of interest from a "branding" or possible sales increase point of view.

It seems today we all run from meeting to meeting with conference calls in between all day long. With so many meetings and conference calls I often wonder when anyone has time to accomplish what we discuss on the calls or in the meetings.

So we all find ourselves catching up early in the morning or late at night.

Lost in all of this collaboration are the ideas and or concepts to raise retail sales.

We all work on our budgets to cut costs but rarely are the "ideas" part of retail ever a priority.

"Where Did All The Ideas Go?"......& Why?

My thought was to write weekly to raise the consciousness of ideas as the genesis of retail sustainability. I reasoned if we as retailers and wholesalers brought ideas back to the forefront success is likely to follow.

When you read my weekly thoughts keep in mind this is my attempt to be thought provoking in the ideas arena.

To review the  "Why are they successful" approach and to allow others to learn from each innovating retailers successes.

From time to time you may find I question the "Why" part of a retailers ideas. Or better yet the lack of ideas. Some of those questions bring the retailer of discussion to correspond telling me why privately. Other times I notice the lack of likes on the article from that retailers management and understand they may not be in total agreement.

"These Articles Are Not To Be About Agreement"

These articles are intended to be about the discussion of what is possible when we imagine.

That said, the response has been amazing. Thank-you for that.  The followers have grown and grown in just a few months. Today the number of followers crossed 5,000. this is a number I personally never thought of or expected.

I thought it best to thank those who follow, read, agree and often times disagree. It is from the debate on direction and those ideas that retail success germinates.

I am pleased many of you enjoy what I write and respond. While we all have different responsibilities in all of our retail and business lives, the ideas and resulting growth should always be at the forefront and our greatest motivation.

"When we begin to look past new ideas and innovation we head further in the opposite direction of where success is likely to be found."

Thank-you for your ideas and responses.