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By Joel M. Albrizio, President

"Adlife, Along With GE & Wegmans, Expands Into Boston's Seaport"

Adlife has taken the opportunity to expand into Boston's creative Seaport district. Boston's Seaport District is all about creativity. Adlife thrives on creativity, both in design and ideas.

Wegmans and GE led the way into Boston's creative Seaport District; Adlife agrees this is the right time and place to further expand. 

"Digital is where our industry is headed. Adlife is releasing digital products that will lead the retail food industry" 

Within thirty days Adlife will release the most progressive prepared food photography site of it's kind. In the final stages of design, Adlife has developed a prepared food photography destination with over 25,000 of the finest images available to both grocery retailers and wholesalers.

Adlife will enter this market as a low cost provider with a monthly subscription price point of $29.99. Thats right, you read correctly: just $29.99.

Our goal at Adlife is to build market share like never before. We intend to share a food photography library few in our industry have ever had access to, at prices any designer can afford for their customers.

"At Adlife, Our Goal Is To Provide Great Content Inexpensively"

The Adlife release of the prepared food photography site will be just the first segment of the digital retail plan. As the phases develop, Adlife will allow releases that will allow the designer an entirely interactive retail ad design experience.

"This Is A One-Of-A-Kind User Experience"

In the coming weeks we will provide more information. The future at Adlife is exciting. We expect both our customers and thousands of other users in the retail food industry to enjoy an....

Inexpensive, User Friendly Customer Experience.