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By Joel M. Albrizio, President

"Ideas Move The Supermarket Retail Sales Needle"

Over the last year or two Adlife Marketing customers have increasingly become more interested in ideas.  Why you might ask? It seems Supermarkets as well as almost every form of retail food seems to be motivated not only by price but new concepts and ideas. Most companies today are looking for that next great idea.

"To Grow You Must First Understand The Customer"

Most every retailer has a different size facility with vastly differing abilities from which they must derive a marketing and resulting advertising strategy to attract the consumer. So now it becomes ideas....custom fitted to the circumstances facing each retailer.

Over the years we have found it is less about what we do but how we communicate what we do that lowers the barrier of entry to allow retail sales.

Thats right it goes like this.....

"Lower The Barriers Of Entry To Allow Retail Sales To Happen"

Most retailers believe its all about price. Well, if the supermarket charges so low a price the customer must shop there then in fact the retailer was correct. However, is this a sustainable retail enterprise or a retailer who lacks the ability to keep up with capital improvements and at some points looses the battle because of the ability to deliver on any level. Price is a double edged sword from which the retailer could be wounded.

"Retailing Through Proven Marketing Concepts & The Resulting Advertising Drives Success"

So when you see that supermarket retailer that has it all together don't wonder why it works. Realize they have to at least some degree marketed correctly to the customer. Marketing correctly allows for the retailer to rely on.....

"The Value Proposition To Drive Sales" 

Now the retailer has allowed ideas to be the brand and not the simply price. When the branded retailer understands the customer and delivers the barriers of entry have been lowered and the resulting sales and the profits derived can be used to build what we refer to as.....

"The Sustainable Retail Enterprise"

Its that company that will capture that special magic which is success through ideas.

Over 8,000 of you have chosen to follow and at least contemplate these ideas and how the resulting retail success is possible. For that I thank-you.

You have given me many ideas myself and I really enjoy interacting with all of you.  It is so refreshing to think together to create positive change. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching someone succeed in an otherwise difficult marketplace.

Don't ever hesitate to e-mail me your ideas or questions......